Extract the Web-static resources into a dedicated component

Preparation work in order to define a new type of server-side
plugin capable of:
- serving web-resources and their server-side expansions
- providing static PluginEntry for the HttpPluginServlet

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Gerrit Scala Provider Plugin

This plugin provides Scala runtime environment for Gerrit plugins in Scala.

To test this series must be applied on top of Gerrit master [1].

To build link this directory under Gerrit's tree plugins directory and run:

  buck build plugins/scala-provider:scala-provider

The resulting artifact can be found under:


A sample Scala hello world script is:

  import com.google.gerrit.sshd._
  import com.google.gerrit.extensions.annotations._

  class ScalaCommand extends SshCommand {
    override def run = stdout println "Hello from Scala!"

Copy and past the above sample Scala fragment into the file $GERRIT_SITE/plugin/hello-1.0.scala.

The “hello” plugin version 1.0 will be automatically loaded into Gerrit and will provide a new SSH command “hello scala”.