Release for Gerrit v2.15
Remove BUCK file and update build documentation

The plugin is now built with Bazel. Remove the BUCK file and update the
documentation to describe how to build with Bazel.

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Gerrit Groovy Provider Plugin

This plugin provides Groovy runtime environment for Gerrit plugins in Groovy.

To build, link this directory under Gerrit's tree plugins directory, merge the dependencies from external_plugin_deps.bzl into the file of the same name in the plugins directory, and from the root of the gerrit tree run:

  bazel build plugins/groovy-provider

The resulting artifact can be found under:


To test deploy the review plugin [1] and copy this Groovy Provider plugin under $gerrit_site/plugins directory.

Review plugin in Groovy can be used:

  ssh gerrit review approve I59302cbb
  Approve change: I59302cbb