Initial revision of Groovy scripting plugin support for Gerrit

Provides the ability to load Groovy scripts as external
ServerPlugin into Gerrit.
Supports both explicit Guice module definition and auto-discovery
of annotated classes.

Depends on the 'scripting-reloaded' topic changes.

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Gerrit Groovy Provider Plugin

This plugin provides Groovy runtime environment for Gerrit plugins in Groovy.

To test this series must be applied on top of Gerrit master [1].

To build link this directory under Gerrit's tree plugins directory and run:

  buck build plugins/groovy-provider

The resulting artifact can be found under:


To test deploy the review plugin [2] and copy this Groovy Provider plugin under $gerrit_site/plugins directory.

Review plugin in Groovy can be used:

  ssh gerrit review approve I59302cbb
  Approve change: I59302cbb