Merge branch 'stable-3.2' into master

* stable-3.2:
  ReplicationTasksStorage: Remove synchronized from list* methods
  TasksStorage: Add unit tests for reset() and resetAll()
  TasksStorage: Add canStartDifferentUris unit test
  ReplicationIT: Use streams to simplify
  ReplicationIT: Use PushOne.ALL_REFS constant
  ReplicationTasksStorageTest: Add a test for start()
  ReplicationTasksStorage: Remove test-only list* methods
  Fix synopsis in replication start cmd documentation
  TaskStorage: Fix assertContainsExactly
  TaskStorage: Rename unit tests with 'persist' in their names
  Don't wait for pending events to process on startup
  ReplicateRefUpdate: Drop awkward constructor
  TasksStorage: Replace delete() with start()+finish() in tests
  ReplicationTasksStorage.Task: Add unit tests
  ReplicationTasksStorage: Add unit tests

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