Consume scheduled replication events

Prior to this change replication-status was only consuming completed
replication events, that is, replication events that already completed,
either successfully or not.

Now, consume also scheduled replication events, so that when querying
the REST-API it is possible to have visibility on replication events
that are currently scheduled, but have yet to be completed.

Bug: Issue 14802
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Record and display the repository's replication status without having to dig into the Gerrit replication_log

Consumes replication events and updates a cache with the latest replication status of specific refs to specific remotes.

The cache information is then exposed via a project's resource REST endpoint:

curl -v --user <user> '<gerrit-server>/a/projects/<project-name>/remotes/<remote-url>/replication-status'
  • : an (url-encoded) project repository
  • : an (url-encoded) remote URL for the replication

For instance, to assess the replication status of the project some/project to the URL, the following endpoint should be called:

curl -v --user <user> '<gerrit-server>/a/projects/some%2Fproject/remotes/'

A payload, similar to this may be returned:

  "remotes": {
    "": {
      "status": {
        "refs/changes/01/1/meta": {
          "status": "SUCCEEDED",
          "when": 1626688830
        "refs/changes/03/3/meta": {
          "status": "SUCCEEDED",
          "when": 1626688854
        "refs/changes/03/3/1": {
          "status": "SUCCEEDED",
          "when": 1626688854
        "refs/changes/02/2/1": {
          "status": "SUCCEEDED",
          "when": 1626688844
        "refs/changes/02/2/meta": {
          "status": "SUCCEEDED",
          "when": 1626688844
        "refs/changes/01/1/1": {
          "status": "SUCCEEDED",
          "when": 1626688830
  "status": "OK",
  "project": "some/project"

HTTP status

The endpoint returns different HTTP response code depending on the result:

  • 200 OK - The endpoint was called successfully, and a payload returned
  • 404 Not Found - Project was not found
  • 500 Failure - An unexpected server error occurred
  • 403 Forbidden - The user has no permission to query the endpoint. Only Administrators and project owners are allowed

Overall status

The REST-API response shows a status field, which shows the overall replication-status of the projects for the specified remote.

  • OK - all the refs have successfully replicated
  • FAILED - Some refs have not replicated successfully


  • Does not consume pull-replication events.