Merge branch 'stable-3.0' into stable-3.1

* stable-3.0:
  Upgrade bazlets to latest stable-3.0 to build with 3.0.10 API
  Upgrade bazlets to latest stable-2.16 to build with 2.16.21 API
  Upgrade bazlets to latest stable-2.15 to build with 2.15.19 API
  Upgrade bazlets to latest stable-2.14 to build with 2.14.21 API

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  2. src/
  3. tools/
  4. .bazelignore
  5. .bazelrc
  6. .bazelversion
  7. .gitignore
  8. bazlets.bzl
  9. BUILD
  10. external_plugin_deps.bzl

Rename project plugin for Gerrit Code Review

This plugin currently supports Gerrit version 2.14.X and 2.15.X with changes in reviewDb. Also supported is the noteDb alternative for Gerrit versions 2.15.X and above.

For more information, see: src/main/resources/Documentation/