Merge branch 'stable-3.1' into stable-3.2

* stable-3.1:
  Add Gatling e2e-test for rename-project
  Add REST endpoint to rename operation
  Adapt checks to the new rename replication feature
  Introduce rename replication feature
  Upgrade bazlets to latest stable-3.1 to build with 3.1.12 API
  RenamePreconditions: check if project state is not null
  Upgrade bazlets to latest stable-3.0 to build with 3.0.15 API
  Upgrade bazlets to latest stable-2.16 to build with 2.16.26 API
  Upgrade bazlets to latest stable-2.16 to build with 2.16.23 API

Conflict resolution for WORKSPACE is to keep the original bazlets

A new testRenameReplicationViaSshAdminUser test needs to be adapted to
stable-3.2 because ProjectCahce.get() method return Optional of
ProjectState instead. GerritConfig is moved from acceptance package
to acceptance.config.

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Rename project plugin for Gerrit Code Review

This plugin currently supports Gerrit version 2.14.X and 2.15.X with changes in reviewDb. Also supported is the noteDb alternative for Gerrit versions 2.15.X and above.

For more information, see: src/main/resources/Documentation/