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gerrit-rabbitmq-plugin: Gerrit event publish plugin via RabbitMQ

Build Status


This is Gerrit plugin.

This can publish gerrit events to message queue provided by RabbitMQ. Published events are the same as Gerrit stream evnets.

This plugin works on Gerrit 2.8 or later.

About Buck

Buck is a build system now gerrit adopt. If you want to use Buck, you need to setup it referring Building with Buck in gerrit documentation.


  • linux
    • java-1.7
      • gradle
      • buck


  • Use gradle

To build plugin with maven.

./gradlew build
  • Use buck

To build plugin with buck

git clone https://gerrit.googlesource.com/gerrit -b v2.8.3
ln -s $(pwd) gerrit/plugins/rabbitmq
cd gerrit
buck build plugins/rabbitmq:rabbitmq

Using another version API

  • For gradle

Now avaliable for Gerrit 2.8.5 only. If you want to use it on another version of Gerrit, please try the below.

./gradlew build -PapiVersion=2.8
  • For buck

After clone gerrit, you can checkout specified version.

git checkout -b 2.8 refs/tags/v2.8

NOTE: If you want to build on master, please switch dev-1.0 branch in this repository.


Minimum Configuration

    uri = amqp://localhost
    name = exchange-for-gerrit-queue
    routingKey = com.foobar.www.gerrit
    name = foobar-gerrit
    hostname = www.foobar.com


  • 1.4

    • Binary release
    • Add gradle support
    • Remove maven support
  • 1.3

    • Build with Buck
    • Bumped api version to 2.8.3
  • 1.2

    • Fix repository location for gerrit-api
    • Update README
  • 1.1

    • Fix channel handling
    • Add property: monitor.failureCount
    • Update README and documents
  • 1.0

    • First release


The Apache Software License, Version 2.0


Copyright (c) 2013 rinrinne a.k.a. rin_ne