Fixed algorithm to build maintainer file ref

Rules for forming valid maintainer file ref are:

- If branch section is wildcard - file ref will be created
  as combination of branch name part without wildcard + fileref
- If branch sections is not wildcard - name of the branch it self
  will be used as ref(fileref ignored)
- If branch section does not contain refs/heads/
  (for example wildcard like refs/*) - use refs/heads/ + fileref

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Complex reviewer management for gerrit

Basic plugin features

  • add reviewers based on component matching by maintainers file
  • add +2 review if all components has been +1 by respecive maintainers
  • auto submit
  • add warnings if file review changes component of affected file
  • complex info about which file falls under which component and    which files has not been matched

Configuration Uses standard gerrit plugin configuration like so[maintainer.config]

[branch “refs/heads/*”]

  • pluginuser = maintainer-plugin - user on whos behalf plugin actions will be done
  • maintainerfileref = master/HEAD - reference for maintainer file that should be used
  • maintainerfile = MAINTAINER - absolute path within repo where maintainer file is stored
  • autoaddreviewers = true - if true, automaticaly matchses pachset files under their component based of maintainers file configuration
  • allowmaintainersubmit = true - if true, automaticaly post +2 on patch after all respective component maintainers have added +1
  • autosubmit = true - if true, after previous step automaticaly submits patch
  • dislikewarnings = true - if true, if any warnings are present, -1 review is posted on patch, no review otherwise