Merge branch 'stable-3.0' into stable-3.1

* stable-3.0:
  PathToLockId: Refactor to use a FunctionalInterface
  LfsAuthUserProvider: Refactor to avoid name hiding
  LfsLocksHandle: Collapse duplicate if-block
  LfsLocksHandler: Simplify lambda expression
  LfsLocksHandler: Call Optional#isPresent before #get
  Use Truth8 to assert about Optional#isPresent
  LfsCipherTest: Extract repeated string to a constant
  InitLfs: Remove unnecessary empty overridden method
  LfsSshAuth: Remove redundant 'throws' declaration
  LfsGson: Remove unnecessary 'throws' declarations
  LfsDateTime: Add private constructor to hide default constructor
  Remove LfsDateTimeTest and dependency on joda-time
  Bazel: Mark joda-time as test only

Change-Id: I9b9e91ca7c2a7a456832e4811aea59f51386da40