Merge branch 'stable-3.2'

* stable-3.2: (31 commits)
  Shorten command to run tests
  Update documentation of where Bazel puts the jar
  Give an example of an API token in Documentation
  Drop `username` requirement from documentation
  Add missing facade tests
  Clarified message when comment adding failed
  Make implicit expectations about Conduit explicit in Facate tests
  Switch from `assertEquals` to Google's Truth
  Add tests for SearchUtils
  Add test for `projectSearch` with no match
  Add tests for `maniphestSearch`
  De-duplicate code for Phabricator result objects
  Simplify ManiphestSearch
  Drop the filtering for `id` from `maniphestSearch`
  Drop attachments from `maniphestSearch`
  Remove unneeded class Task
  Re-do and repair Conduit's maniphestEdit
  Simplify ProjectSearch
  Drop name filtering for project searches
  Make Conduit more compact through ImmutableList and ImmutableMap

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