Merge branch 'stable-3.1'

* stable-3.1:
  Revert "Log matched issues at fine level to aid debugging"
  Extend CommitMessageFetcher to handle non-commit objects
  Fix typo in documentation RevUpdatedEvents -> RefUpdatedEvents
  Check if approvals array is null before iterating
  Log matched issues at fine level to aid debugging
  Switch from deprecated SoyTofu to current SoySauce
  Avoid NPE in AddSoyComment if no template file given
  Add test for AddSoyComment
  Allow to log rendered Soy templates
  Switch to Flogger
  Document default implementations in ItsFacade
  Fix parameter specification for Soy template example
  Drop 'autoescape' from Soy template example
  Mute warning when actions config file is missing

Change-Id: Ibaa429fb95f0b0ebeec795cb92f59a8d79fd6b99