Check Owner-Review-Vote on click of Submit button.

* Change Prolog submit rule to use 'may' instead of 'need'
  state for the 'Owner-Review-Vote' label.
  Change document in
  The 'Submit' button will be visible even
  when the 'Owner-Review-Vote' label exists.
* In front-end find-owners.js, when the 'Submit' button is clicked,
  pop up the 'FindOwners' page if 'Owner-Review-Vote' label exists.
  Users will need to get owner approval and submit again after that.
  The popupFindOwnersPage function is shared by onFindOwners and onSubmit.
  The 'context' is not available in onSubmit.
  So, HTML elements are now created from 'document', instead of the context.

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