Avoid streaming check on dropped events

Since dropped events don't need to be sent out to streamListeners, avoid
the extra overhead of checking to see if they need to be fired to the
streamListeners. This helps reduce the load on the event system as each
update check at a minimum requires reading the on disk "head" value. A
side effect is also that these events will also not trigger pending
events from other primaries to fire, which likely results in significant
extra and not very fruitful polling (see below).

Assuming that events are distributed approximately evenly over all
primaries, then for every event on one primary, there should be
approximately one other event on every other primary. So for each event
which gets stored, there is a chance that 50% of the other primaries
have also stored an event still pending on the current primary. In these
cases, flushing pending events is very likely to improve event firing
latency over polling, and the more primaries there are, the more
valuable this is as there will be more pending events. This means that
there should on average always be one pending when there are 3
primaries. However, when it comes to dropped events, this logic doesn't
hold. If one primary has a dropped event, so likely will the others, but
those dropped events on the other primaries do no affect the current
primary since they do not require firing from the current primary! Thus
there is a low chance that this extra polling will be useful. This
wasted polling effort was amplified by the fact that events configured
to be dropped likely have a higher frequency then most of the events
which are not dropped.

Release-Notes: Dropped events now result in less IO, and won't fire pending events from other primaries
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