Convert the delete-project plugin to TypeScript

This is the first upstream plugin to be converted to TypeScript. So
this is also going to be used as a blueprint for other conversions.

The plugin now depends on the new npm package

The tsconfig, rollup.config, eslint configs, and npm modules are defined
in the top-level plugins/ directory. It should be possible for most of
the TypeScript plugins to use the same configs and npm modules.

Also converts from Polymer to Lit. Note that Lit is compiled into the
plugin, so it does not depend on Polymer or Lit being present in the
Gerrit core bundle. The compresssed size of the plugin is still just 8k.

Linting works.

There are not TypeScript tests yet, so this is not a blueprint for
writing and executing tests in a TypeScript based plugin.

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Delete project plugin for Gerrit Code Review

A plugin which allows projects to be deleted from Gerrit via an SSH command, REST API or the Project settings screen.

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