Fix async change message that lists owned path on PostReview

Support for posting the owned paths asynchronously when a code owner
approval is applied was implemented by change I129e611af.

At the moment the asynchronous message posting is triggered via the
OnPostReview#getChangeMessageAddOn extension point. This extension point
is intended to let plugins extend the change message that is posted by

Triggering the asynchronous message posting from this extension point
has issues:

* When the asynchronous message posting is triggered PostReview is not
  done yet, i.e. it didn't commit its updates the change meta ref yet.
  This means now there is a race between PostReview and the extension to
  update the change meta ref, which makes it likely that one of the
  updates fails due to LockFailure.

* Since there is a race with updating the change meta ref, the order in
  which the messages are posted is undefined, but we want the PostReview
  message to be posted first.

* If the update that is applied by PostReview fails with LockFailure,
  the whole operation, including the triggering of async message, is
  retried. This can lead to a situation where the change message with
  the owned path is created twice:
  1. posting the async message succeeds, but the update from PostReview
     fails due to LockFailure (e.g. due to the problem described above,
     but LockFailures are also common due to other reasons)
  2. PostReview is retried
  3. posting the update from PostReview succeeds, but triggers the async
     message again which also succeeds (posting the async message is
     also retried on LockFailure, so it will likely succeed if the
     PostReview update is applied first)

Fix this by not triggering the async posting of the owned paths from the
OnPostReview#getChangeMessageAddOn extension point, but from the
CommentAddedListener#onCommentAdded extension point which is only
invoked after the PostReview update has been applied.

Bug: Google b/276879211
Signed-off-by: Edwin Kempin <>
Change-Id: I4d32542457de2f50b25eb7bf57f5f504720131ab
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Gerrit Code Review code-owners plugin

This plugin provides support for defining code owners for files in a repository.

If the code-owners plugin is enabled, changes can only be submitted if all touched files are covered by approvals from code owners.

For a detailed description of the plugin functionality please refer to the plugin documentation.

IMPORTANT: Before installing/enabling the plugin follow the instructions from the setup guide.

NOTE: The plugin documentation only renders correctly when the plugin is installed in Gerrit and the documentation is accessed via https:///plugins/code-owners/Documentation/index.html. If you want to read the documentation before installing the plugin, you can find it properly rendered here.

JavaScript Plugin

From the root of the gerrit repository.

bazel test //plugins/code-owners/web:karma_test

For testing the plugin with the Gerrit FE Dev Helper the command below builds

    bazel build //plugins/code-owners/web:code-owners
    ln -s bazel-bin/plugins/code-owners/web/code-owners.js polygerrit-ui/app/plugins/

and let the Dev Helper redirect from .+/plugins/code-owners/static/code-owners.js to http://localhost:8081/plugins/code-owners.js.