Merge changes Ibebb6b55,Iafb1d32f,I2486c293,I2695d16d,If579300d, ...

* changes:
  List code owners: Add option to only get code owners with the highest score
  AbstractGetCodeOwnersForPath: Make code owner scorings accessible
  AbstractGetCodeOwnersForPath: Cleanup how subclasses add further scorings
  AbstractGetCodeOwnersForPath: Add a comment
  Add distance scores for code owners that are added for resolving all users
  Fix sorting in code owner suggestion if file is owned by all users
  GetOwnedPath: Limit the number of returned paths
  ChangeCodeOwners: Add request object for computing the code owner status
  Adapt projectOwnersAreNoCodeOwnersIfDefaultCodeOwnerConfigExists test
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Gerrit Code Review code-owners plugin

This plugin provides support for defining code owners for files in a repository.

If the code-owners plugin is enabled, changes can only be submitted if all touched files are covered by approvals from code owners.

Also see resources/Documentation/

IMPORTANT: Before installing/enabling the plugin follow the instructions from the setup guide, see resources/Documentation/