Remove the bug-report link from code-owners

The bug-report link had been added to ease the feedback process during
the code owners rollout, but since code owners is pretty mature by now
it's no longer needed.

Change I1027d4aa7 already removed the link in the master branch, but the
code in the stable-3.3 looks slightly different, so we can't cherry-pick
that change.

Signed-off-by: Edwin Kempin <>
Change-Id: Ia226ec473e02c3fd513f37374ef30f7afc0ceded
1 file changed
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  2. javatests/
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  4. resources/
  5. test/
  6. ui/
  7. .eslintrc.json
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Gerrit Code Review code-owners plugin

This plugin provides support for defining code owners for files in a repository.

If the code-owners plugin is enabled, changes can only be submitted if all touched files are covered by approvals from code owners.

Also see resources/Documentation/

IMPORTANT: Before installing/enabling the plugin follow the instructions from the setup guide, see resources/Documentation/