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All code cloned from chromium code coverage plugin:

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Chrome/Chromium Code Coverage Plugin

The purpose of this plugin is to surface code coverage data on Gerrit UI.


Checking out the code

To check out the chromium-coverage plugin code:

git clone

Running the tests

The unit tests of the plugin are web-component-tester unit tests. Dependencies are specified in bower.json and can be installed by running bower install in this directory. This requires bower to be installed.

To run the tests, run wct from this directory. See wct --help for more options.

To use with the local testsite

ln -s /path/to/chromium-coverage.html plugins/

Project Configuration

This plugin is configured via the project.config file present in the repo's refs/meta/config ref. This file uses git config format. By default, the coverage percentage columns in the file list are hidden to avoid visual distraction in unrelated projects, and in order to have them displayed, please add the following config:

[plugin "code-coverage"]
  enabled = true