Deliver expiresAt and providerId for access token

The REST API for OAuth access tokens requires tokens to
have an expiration date and the identifier of the OAuth
provider. This patch adds the missing attributes.

A constant is introduced in OAuthModule to denote the
export name of the provider. This constant is used
to construct the providerId for the representation
of access tokens in the REST API.

Change-Id: I7334949ff18ede75f33eda55a7087655e7b88aa5
Signed-off-by: Michael Ochmann <>
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Cloud Foundry UAA OAuth 2.0 Authentication Provider

With this plugin Gerrit can use OAuth2 protocol to authenticate users accessing Gerrit's Web UI with a CloudFoundry User Account and Authentication (UAA) server. The Sign In link will redirect the user to the UAA login screen.

For Git-over-HTTP communication users still need to generate and use an HTTP password.


Apache License 2.0