Set the auth.logouturl property during init

When user signed out in the UI only the web session in Gerrit
was invalidated, but not that in UAA. Consequently when the
user clicked on "Sign In" again the UAA did not present the
login screen but directly returned a new access token. This
behavior can be prevented by configuring an explicit logout
page with the auth.logouturl in the Gerrit configuration.

This patch enhances the plugin's init step to configure the
auth.logouturl property to point to / in UAA. This
will close the UAA web session and the user can login with
different credentials again.

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Signed-off-by: Michael Ochmann <>
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Cloud Foundry UAA OAuth 2.0 Authentication Provider

With this plugin Gerrit can use OAuth2 protocol to authenticate users accessing Gerrit's Web UI with a CloudFoundry User Account and Authentication (UAA) server. The Sign In link will redirect the user to the UAA login screen.

For Git-over-HTTP communication users still need to generate and use an HTTP password.


Apache License 2.0