Make DynamoDBRefDatebase class implement ExtendedGlobalRefDatabase

ExtendedGlobalRefDatabase provides `put` function to update item
in the DynamoDB. Opposite to compareAndPut this method is not
checking current global-refdb value. `put` method should be used
to update value when atomicity doesn't have to be ensured.

Bug: Issue 297440085
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Gerrit DynamoDB ref-db

This plugin provides an implementation of the Gerrit global ref-db backed by AWS DynamoDB.

Requirements for using this plugin are:

  • Gerrit v3.3 or later
  • DynamoDB provisioned in AWS

Typical use-case

The global ref-db is a typical use-case of a Gerrit multi-master scenario in a multi-site setup. Refer to the Gerrit multi-site plugin for more details on the high level architecture.