Add AWS credentials profile name parameter

Some Gerrit setups shares the AWS dynamodb tables between AWS Regions,
for example multi-site setup in multiple regions. For security
reason access to the other regions should be limited to necessary
services. Add configuration param which allows to specify AWS
credentials profile to be used only by the aws-dynamodb-refdb
plugin when connecting to the dynamoDb. This profile allows us to
setup credentials or IAM Role with access to the dynamoDb setup on
the other region.

Bug: Issue 16877
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Gerrit DynamoDB ref-db

This plugin provides an implementation of the Gerrit global ref-db backed by AWS DynamoDB.

Requirements for using this plugin are:

  • Gerrit v3.3 or later
  • DynamoDB provisioned in AWS

Typical use-case

The global ref-db is a typical use-case of a Gerrit multi-master scenario in a multi-site setup. Refer to the Gerrit multi-site plugin for more details on the high level architecture.