Merge branch 'stable-2.14' into HEAD

The test 'test_published_draft_is_autosubmitted' is failing because
the drafts are now 'private' and merged. There is no more need to
'publish' them.
The test should be replaced by a test on the 'wip'
new feature but currently no event is propagated to the EventListener
when pushing '%ready'.

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Build Status

A gerrit plugin that takes care of automatically merging reviews when all approvals are present.

Also, it introduces the concept of cross-repository reviews. Cross repository reviews are reviews that share a common topic, and are all in different gerrit repositories. They will be merged at the same time, when all approvals for all reviews are present, and all reviews are mergeable.

Requires Gerrit 2.14 or later.


[commentlink "change"]
        match = "#/c/(\\d+)"
        html = "<a href=\"/#/c/$1/\">$1</a>"