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Eclipse Setup
- Install the Maven Integration plugins:
- Import the project using the General -> Maven Projects
- Use right click, Maven -> Update Project Configuration
to force a compile of the generted ANTLR sources. This
fixes the compile errors identified after import.
- Right click on the project, Properties
- Select Java Code Style -> Formatter
- Import... and select GoogleFormat.xml
Unit Tests
The unit tests assume there is a local PostgreSQL and MySQL server
listening on their respective default ports, with the following
database configuration:
createuser -S -D -R -E -P gwtorm
Password: gwtorm
createdb -E UTF-8 -O gwtorm gwtorm
create user 'gwtorm'@'localhost' identified by 'gwtorm';
create database gwtorm;
alter database gwtorm charset=utf8;
grant all on gwtorm.* to 'gwtorm'@'localhost';
flush privileges;