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To test DialectMaxDB a SAP MaxDB JDBC driver "sapdbc.jar" is needed. It is
not available in a public maven repository. However, the driver can be found
in your MaxDB installation at the following location:
- on Windows 64bit at "C:\Program Files\sdb\MaxDB\runtime\jar\sapdbc.jar"
- on Linux at "/opt/sdb/MaxDB/runtime/jar/sapdbc.jar"
To execute tests on MaxDB, you firstly need to create a test user with an
associated empty schema in your database. Then you can execute the tests
using maven with the profile "maxdb". The following properties need to be set:
maxdb.driver.jar=<path to maxdb jdbc driver>
maxdb.url=<url of test database>
maxdb.user=<user name>
maxdb.password=<password of test user>
So the complete command would be:
mvn package -P maxdb
-Dmaxdb.driver.jar=<path to maxdb jdbc driver>
-Dmaxdb.url=<url of test database>
-Dmaxdb.user=<user name>
-Dmaxdb.password=<password of test user>