Change all foreach loops in Soy templates to use for loop syntax

Soy supports 2 kinds of loops:
 * foreach- for iterating over items in a collection,
   e.g. {foreach $item in $list}...{/foreach}
 * for - for indexed iteration,
   e.g. {for $i in range(0, 10)}...{/for}

The reason Soy has 2 different loops is an accident of history, Soy
didn’t use to have a proper grammar for expressions and so the alternate
'for...range' syntax was added to make it possible to write indexed
loops. As the grammar has improved having the two syntaxes is no longer
necessary and so we are eliminating one of them.

As of [1] or mvn release "2018-01-03" the two forms are actually aliases
for one another, so the only difference is the keyword ('for' vs
'foreach'), and while the foreach loop is more popular the 'for'
terminology is more standard so upstream recommends switching everything
to that.


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