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## Gitblit as a Viewer
Gitblit is designed to be a complete Git server solution, however you may already have a Git serving solution such as ssh+gitolite or Gerrit. For these scenarios, you may configure Gitblit to be just a repository viewer.
### Lock-down your Viewer
Here is an example configuration that disables all administration, all Git serving features, and requires an authenticated user to view anything.
git.repositoriesFolder = ${baseFolder}/git
git.cacheRepositoryList = true
git.searchRepositoriesSubfolders = true
git.searchRecursionDepth = -1
git.searchExclusions =
git.daemonPort = 0
git.enableGitServlet = false
git.enableGarbageCollection = false
git.defaultAccessRestriction = VIEW
web.authenticateViewPages = true
web.allowAdministration = false
web.enableRpcServlet = false
web.enableRpcManagement = false
web.enableRpcAdministration = false
web.allowForking = false
### Tomcat or Reverse-Proxy Servers
If you are running Gitblit on a Tomcat-based container you will likely run into forward-slash character troubles.
To resolve this either set:
web.mountParameters = false
web.forwardSlashCharacter = !
### Advertised Repository Urls
You may also want to advertise repository urls for your other Git serving solution from Gitblit.
- *{0}* is the token for the repository name
- *{1}* is the token for the username
The username is only practical if you have setup the account names for your other git serving solution to match the Gitblit account.
web.otherUrls = ssh://localhost/git/{0} git://localhost:29418/git/{0} https://{1}@localhost/r/{0}