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# Copyright (C) 2021 The Android Open Source Project
# Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
# you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
# You may obtain a copy of the License at
# Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
# distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
# See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
# limitations under the License.
"""Provide functionality to get all projects and their commit ids from Superproject.
For more information on superproject, check out:
superproject = Superproject()
UpdateProjectsResult = superproject.UpdateProjectsRevisionId(projects)
import hashlib
import functools
import os
import sys
import time
from typing import NamedTuple
from git_command import git_require, GitCommand
from git_config import RepoConfig
from git_refs import R_HEADS
from manifest_xml import LOCAL_MANIFEST_GROUP_PREFIX
_SUPERPROJECT_GIT_NAME = 'superproject.git'
_SUPERPROJECT_MANIFEST_NAME = 'superproject_override.xml'
class SyncResult(NamedTuple):
"""Return the status of sync and whether caller should exit."""
# Whether the superproject sync was successful.
success: bool
# Whether the caller should exit.
fatal: bool
class CommitIdsResult(NamedTuple):
"""Return the commit ids and whether caller should exit."""
# A dictionary with the projects/commit ids on success, otherwise None.
commit_ids: dict
# Whether the caller should exit.
fatal: bool
class UpdateProjectsResult(NamedTuple):
"""Return the overriding manifest file and whether caller should exit."""
# Path name of the overriding manfiest file if successful, otherwise None.
manifest_path: str
# Whether the caller should exit.
fatal: bool
class Superproject(object):
"""Get commit ids from superproject.
Initializes a local copy of a superproject for the manifest. This allows
lookup of commit ids for all projects. It contains _project_commit_ids which
is a dictionary with project/commit id entries.
def __init__(self, manifest, repodir, git_event_log,
superproject_dir='exp-superproject', quiet=False):
"""Initializes superproject.
manifest: A Manifest object that is to be written to a file.
repodir: Path to the .repo/ dir for holding all internal checkout state.
It must be in the top directory of the repo client checkout.
git_event_log: A git trace2 event log to log events.
superproject_dir: Relative path under |repodir| to checkout superproject.
quiet: If True then only print the progress messages.
self._project_commit_ids = None
self._manifest = manifest
self._git_event_log = git_event_log
self._quiet = quiet
self._branch = self._GetBranch()
self._repodir = os.path.abspath(repodir)
self._superproject_dir = superproject_dir
self._superproject_path = os.path.join(self._repodir, superproject_dir)
self._manifest_path = os.path.join(self._superproject_path,
git_name = ''
if self._manifest.superproject:
remote_name = self._manifest.superproject['remote'].name
git_name = hashlib.md5(remote_name.encode('utf8')).hexdigest() + '-'
self._work_git_name = git_name + _SUPERPROJECT_GIT_NAME
self._work_git = os.path.join(self._superproject_path, self._work_git_name)
def project_commit_ids(self):
"""Returns a dictionary of projects and their commit ids."""
return self._project_commit_ids
def manifest_path(self):
"""Returns the manifest path if the path exists or None."""
return self._manifest_path if os.path.exists(self._manifest_path) else None
def _GetBranch(self):
"""Returns the branch name for getting the approved manifest."""
p = self._manifest.manifestProject
b = p.GetBranch(p.CurrentBranch)
if not b:
return None
branch = b.merge
if branch and branch.startswith(R_HEADS):
branch = branch[len(R_HEADS):]
return branch
def _LogError(self, message):
"""Logs message to stderr and _git_event_log."""
print(message, file=sys.stderr)
self._git_event_log.ErrorEvent(message, '')
def _Init(self):
"""Sets up a local Git repository to get a copy of a superproject.
True if initialization is successful, or False.
if not os.path.exists(self._superproject_path):
if not self._quiet and not os.path.exists(self._work_git):
print('%s: Performing initial setup for superproject; this might take '
'several minutes.' % self._work_git)
cmd = ['init', '--bare', self._work_git_name]
p = GitCommand(None,
retval = p.Wait()
if retval:
self._LogError(f'repo: error: git init call failed, command: git {cmd}, '
f'return code: {retval}, stderr: {p.stderr}')
return False
return True
def _Fetch(self, url):
"""Fetches a local copy of a superproject for the manifest based on url.
url: superproject's url.
True if fetch is successful, or False.
if not os.path.exists(self._work_git):
self._LogError(f'git fetch missing directory: {self._work_git}')
return False
if not git_require((2, 28, 0)):
print('superproject requires a git version 2.28 or later', file=sys.stderr)
return False
cmd = ['fetch', url, '--depth', '1', '--force', '--no-tags', '--filter', 'blob:none']
if self._branch:
cmd += [self._branch + ':' + self._branch]
p = GitCommand(None,
retval = p.Wait()
if retval:
self._LogError(f'repo: error: git fetch call failed, command: git {cmd}, '
f'return code: {retval}, stderr: {p.stderr}')
return False
return True
def _LsTree(self):
"""Gets the commit ids for all projects.
Works only in git repositories.
data: data returned from 'git ls-tree ...' instead of None.
if not os.path.exists(self._work_git):
self._LogError(f'git ls-tree missing directory: {self._work_git}')
return None
data = None
branch = 'HEAD' if not self._branch else self._branch
cmd = ['ls-tree', '-z', '-r', branch]
p = GitCommand(None,
retval = p.Wait()
if retval == 0:
data = p.stdout
self._LogError(f'repo: error: git ls-tree call failed, command: git {cmd}, '
f'return code: {retval}, stderr: {p.stderr}')
return data
def Sync(self):
"""Gets a local copy of a superproject for the manifest.
print('NOTICE: --use-superproject is in beta; report any issues to the '
'address described in `repo version`', file=sys.stderr)
if not self._manifest.superproject:
self._LogError(f'repo error: superproject tag is not defined in manifest: '
return SyncResult(False, False)
should_exit = True
url = self._manifest.superproject['remote'].url
if not url:
self._LogError(f'repo error: superproject URL is not defined in manifest: '
return SyncResult(False, should_exit)
if not self._Init():
return SyncResult(False, should_exit)
if not self._Fetch(url):
return SyncResult(False, should_exit)
if not self._quiet:
print('%s: Initial setup for superproject completed.' % self._work_git)
return SyncResult(True, False)
def _GetAllProjectsCommitIds(self):
"""Get commit ids for all projects from superproject and save them in _project_commit_ids.
sync_result = self.Sync()
if not sync_result.success:
return CommitIdsResult(None, sync_result.fatal)
data = self._LsTree()
if not data:
print('warning: git ls-tree failed to return data for superproject',
return CommitIdsResult(None, True)
# Parse lines like the following to select lines starting with '160000' and
# build a dictionary with project path (last element) and its commit id (3rd element).
# 160000 commit 2c2724cb36cd5a9cec6c852c681efc3b7c6b86ea\tart\x00
# 120000 blob acc2cbdf438f9d2141f0ae424cec1d8fc4b5d97f\tbootstrap.bash\x00
commit_ids = {}
for line in data.split('\x00'):
ls_data = line.split(None, 3)
if not ls_data:
if ls_data[0] == '160000':
commit_ids[ls_data[3]] = ls_data[2]
self._project_commit_ids = commit_ids
return CommitIdsResult(commit_ids, False)
def _WriteManfiestFile(self):
"""Writes manifest to a file.
manifest_path: Path name of the file into which manifest is written instead of None.
if not os.path.exists(self._superproject_path):
self._LogError(f'error: missing superproject directory: {self._superproject_path}')
return None
manifest_str = self._manifest.ToXml(groups=self._manifest.GetGroupsStr()).toxml()
manifest_path = self._manifest_path
with open(manifest_path, 'w', encoding='utf-8') as fp:
except IOError as e:
self._LogError(f'error: cannot write manifest to : {manifest_path} {e}')
return None
return manifest_path
def _SkipUpdatingProjectRevisionId(self, project):
"""Checks if a project's revision id needs to be updated or not.
Revision id for projects from local manifest will not be updated.
project: project whose revision id is being updated.
True if a project's revision id should not be updated, or False,
path = project.relpath
if not path:
return True
# Skip the project with revisionId.
if project.revisionId:
return True
# Skip the project if it comes from the local manifest.
return any(s.startswith(LOCAL_MANIFEST_GROUP_PREFIX) for s in project.groups)
def UpdateProjectsRevisionId(self, projects):
"""Update revisionId of every project in projects with the commit id.
projects: List of projects whose revisionId needs to be updated.
commit_ids_result = self._GetAllProjectsCommitIds()
commit_ids = commit_ids_result.commit_ids
if not commit_ids:
print('warning: Cannot get project commit ids from manifest', file=sys.stderr)
return UpdateProjectsResult(None, commit_ids_result.fatal)
projects_missing_commit_ids = []
for project in projects:
if self._SkipUpdatingProjectRevisionId(project):
path = project.relpath
commit_id = commit_ids.get(path)
if not commit_id:
# If superproject doesn't have a commit id for a project, then report an
# error event and continue as if do not use superproject is specified.
if projects_missing_commit_ids:
self._LogError(f'error: please file a bug using {self._manifest.contactinfo.bugurl} '
f'to report missing commit_ids for: {projects_missing_commit_ids}')
return UpdateProjectsResult(None, False)
for project in projects:
if not self._SkipUpdatingProjectRevisionId(project):
manifest_path = self._WriteManfiestFile()
return UpdateProjectsResult(manifest_path, False)
def _UseSuperprojectFromConfiguration():
"""Returns the user choice of whether to use superproject."""
user_cfg = RepoConfig.ForUser()
system_cfg = RepoConfig.ForSystem()
time_now = int(time.time())
user_value = user_cfg.GetBoolean('repo.superprojectChoice')
if user_value is not None:
user_expiration = user_cfg.GetInt('repo.superprojectChoiceExpire')
if user_expiration is not None and (user_expiration <= 0 or user_expiration >= time_now):
# TODO(b/190688390) - Remove prompt when we are comfortable with the new
# default value.
print(('You are currently enrolled in Git submodules experiment '
'(go/android-submodules-quickstart). Use --no-use-superproject '
'to override.\n'), file=sys.stderr)
return user_value
# We don't have an unexpired choice, ask for one.
system_value = system_cfg.GetBoolean('repo.superprojectChoice')
if system_value:
# The system configuration is proposing that we should enable the
# use of superproject. Present this to user for confirmation if we
# are on a TTY, or, when we are not on a TTY, accept the system
# default for this time only.
# TODO(b/190688390) - Remove prompt when we are comfortable with the new
# default value.
prompt = ('Repo can now use Git submodules (go/android-submodules-quickstart) '
'instead of manifests to represent the state of the Android '
'superproject, which results in faster syncs and better atomicity.\n\n')
if sys.stdout.isatty():
prompt += 'Would you like to opt in for two weeks (y/N)? '
response = input(prompt).lower()
time_choiceexpire = time_now + (86400 * 14)
if response in ('y', 'yes'):
userchoice = True
elif response in ('a', 'always'):
userchoice = True
time_choiceexpire = 0
elif response == 'never':
userchoice = False
time_choiceexpire = 0
elif response in ('n', 'no'):
userchoice = False
# Unrecognized user response, assume the intention was no, but
# only for 2 hours instead of 2 weeks to balance between not
# being overly pushy while still retain the opportunity to
# enroll.
userchoice = False
time_choiceexpire = time_now + 7200
user_cfg.SetString('repo.superprojectChoiceExpire', str(time_choiceexpire))
user_cfg.SetBoolean('repo.superprojectChoice', userchoice)
return userchoice
print('Accepting once since we are not on a TTY', file=sys.stderr)
return True
# For all other cases, we would not use superproject by default.
return False
def UseSuperproject(opt, manifest):
"""Returns a boolean if use-superproject option is enabled."""
if opt.use_superproject is not None:
return opt.use_superproject
client_value = manifest.manifestProject.config.GetBoolean('repo.superproject')
if client_value is not None:
return client_value
return _UseSuperprojectFromConfiguration()