Merge history of v2.14.5.

The v2.14.[345] releases were cut on a branch based on v2.14.2.  We
had some regression fixes we wanted in v2.14, but too many risky
changes landed in main since to cut another v2.14.x directly, and
we didn't want to destabilize even more by pushing a v2.15 right
away.  So we branched to keep things healthy.

But people with old checkouts trying to upgrade from those versions
run into an old repo bug where it only selfupdates with fast-forwards,
and repo can't fast-forward from those divergent histories.  So let's
do a merge commit to stitch the history back together.

There's no actual changes in here.

Change-Id: I05a96048e3846321e57c5f5224fb8dcf3c191d35