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  1. fb527e3 sync: create dedicated manifest project update func by Mike Frysinger · 4 weeks ago master
  2. 6be7633 repo: bump wrapper version by Mike Frysinger · 5 days ago
  3. a2cd6ae Fix tag clobbering when -c is used. by Xin Li · 6 days ago stable v1.13.6
  4. 70d861f sync: improve output with intermingled progress bars and status by Mike Frysinger · 4 weeks ago
  5. 9100f7f repo: decode/encode all the subprocess streams by Mike Frysinger · 11 days ago


Repo is a tool built on top of Git. Repo helps manage many Git repositories, does the uploads to revision control systems, and automates parts of the development workflow. Repo is not meant to replace Git, only to make it easier to work with Git. The repo command is an executable Python script that you can put anywhere in your path.