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set -ex
export JSON_CONFIG=$2
mkdir -p $t/node_modules
# WCT doesn't implement node module resolution.
# WCT uses only node_module/ directory from current directory when looking for a module
# So, it is impossible to make hierarchical node_modules. Instead, we copy
# all node_modules to one directory.
cp -R -L ./external/ui_dev_npm/node_modules/* $t/node_modules
# Copy ui_npm, so it will override ui_dev_npm modules (in case of conflicts)
# Because browser always requests specific exact files (i.e. not a directory),
# it always receives file from ui_npm. It can broke WCT itself but luckely it works.
cp -R -L ./external/ui_npm/node_modules/* $t/node_modules
cp -R -L ./polygerrit-ui/app/* $t/
export PATH="$(dirname $NPM):$PATH"
cd $t
echo "export const config=$JSON_CONFIG;" > ./test/suite_conf.js
echo "export const testsPerFileString=\`" >> ./test/suite_conf.js
# Count number of tests in each file.
# We don't need accurate data, use simpliest method
# TODO(dmfilippov): collect data only once
# In the current implementation, the same data is collected for each split,
# It takes less than a second which many times less than the overall wct test time
grep -rnw '.' --include=\*_test.html -e "test(" -c >> ./test/suite_conf.js
echo "\`;" >>./test/suite_conf.js
# If wct doesn't receive any paramenters, it fails (can't find files)
# Pass --config-file as a parameter to have some arguments in command line
$root_dir/$1 --config-file wct.conf.js ${WCT_ARGS}