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Release notes for Gerrit
Gerrit is now available:
Schema Change
If upgrading from 2.1.6, there are no schema changes. Replace the
WAR and restart the daemon.
If upgrading from 2.1.5 or earlier, there are schema changes.
To upgrade:
java -jar gerrit.war init -d site_path
New Features
* Display the originator of each access rule
The project access panel now shows which project each rule inherits
from. This can be informative when the inheritance chain is more
than 1 project deep (for example C inherits from B, which inherits
from A, which inherits from \-- All Projects \--).
* Improved user->gerrit push speed
Pushing changes for review (or directly to a branch) should be
quicker now, especially if the project contains many changes.
* Allow Owner permission to inherit
The project Owner permission can now be inherited from any parent
project, provided that the parent project is not the root level
\-- All Projects \--.
Bug Fixes
* Fix disabled intraline difference checkbox
Intraline difference couldn't be enabled once it was disabled by
a user in their user preferences. Fixed.
* Fix push over HTTP
Users couldn't push to Gerrit over http://, due to a bug in the
way user authentication was handled for the request. Fixed.
* issue 751 Update displayed owner group after group rename
The group owner field didn't update when a group was self-owned,
and the self-owned group was renamed. This left the owner name
at the old name, leaving the user to wonder if the group owner was
also reassigned by another user. Fixed.
* init: Fix string out of bounds when importing projects
Project importing died when the top level directory contained a
".git" directory (usually by accident by the site administrator).