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= Gerrit Code Review - PolyGerrit Plugin Styling
== Plugin styles
Plugins may provide
style modules] for UI CSS-based customization.
PolyGerrit UI implements number of styling endpoints, which apply CSS mixins
link:[using @apply] to its
direct contents.
NOTE: Only items (i.e. CSS properties and mixin targets) documented here are
guaranteed to work in the long term, since they are covered by integration
tests. + When there is a need to add new property or endpoint, please
a bug] stating your use case to track and maintain for future releases.
Plugins should be html-based and imported following PolyGerrit's
link:pg-plugin-dev.html#loading[dev guide].
Plugins should provide Style Module, for example:
``` html
<dom-module id="some-style">
:root {
--css-mixin-name: {
property: value;
Plugins should register style module with a styling endpoint using
`Plugin.prototype.registerStyleModule(endpointName, styleModuleName)`, for
``` js
Gerrit.install(function(plugin) {
plugin.registerStyleModule('some-endpoint', 'some-style');
== Available styling endpoints
=== change-metadata
Following custom CSS mixins are recognized:
* `--change-metadata-assignee`
is applied to `gr-change-metadata section.assignee`
* `--change-metadata-label-status`
is applied to `gr-change-metadata section.labelStatus`
* `--change-metadata-strategy`
is applied to `gr-change-metadata section.strategy`
* `--change-metadata-topic`
is applied to `gr-change-metadata section.topic`
Following CSS properties have
support via integration test]:
* `display`
can be set to `none` to hide a section.