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= Making a Snapshot Release of JGit
This step is only necessary if we need to create an unofficial JGit
snapshot release and publish it to the
link:[Google Cloud Storage].
== Prepare the Maven Environment
First, make sure you have done the necessary
configuration in Maven `settings.xml`].
To apply the necessary settings in JGit's `pom.xml`, follow the instructions
in link:dev-release-deploy-config.html#deploy-configuration-subprojects[
Configuration for Subprojects in `pom.xml`], or apply the provided diff by
executing the following command in the JGit workspace:
git apply /path/to/gerrit/tools/jgit-snapshot-deploy-pom.diff
== Prepare the Release
Since JGit has its own release process we do not push any release tags. Instead
we will use the output of `git describe` as the version of the current JGit
In the JGit workspace, execute the following command:
./tools/ --release $(git describe)
== Publish the Release
To deploy the new snapshot, execute the following command in the JGit
mvn deploy
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