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#!/usr/bin/env python
# Copyright (C) 2015 The Android Open Source Project
# Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
# you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
# You may obtain a copy of the License at
# Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
# distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
# See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
# limitations under the License.
"""Suggested call sequence:
python tools/js/ -w lib/js/bower_archives.bzl -b lib/js/bower_components.bzl
from __future__ import print_function
import collections
import json
import hashlib
import optparse
import os
import subprocess
import sys
import tempfile
import glob
import bowerutil
# list of licenses for packages that don't specify one in their bower.json file.
package_licenses = {
"es6-promise": "es6-promise",
"fetch": "fetch",
"iron-a11y-announcer": "polymer",
"iron-a11y-keys-behavior": "polymer",
"iron-autogrow-textarea": "polymer",
"iron-behaviors": "polymer",
"iron-dropdown": "polymer",
"iron-fit-behavior": "polymer",
"iron-flex-layout": "polymer",
"iron-form-element-behavior": "polymer",
"iron-input": "polymer",
"iron-meta": "polymer",
"iron-overlay-behavior": "polymer",
"iron-resizable-behavior": "polymer",
"iron-selector": "polymer",
"iron-validatable-behavior": "polymer",
"moment": "moment",
"neon-animation": "polymer",
"page": "page.js",
"polymer": "polymer",
"promise-polyfill": "promise-polyfill",
"web-animations-js": "Apache2.0",
"webcomponentsjs": "polymer",
def build_bower_json(version_targets, seeds):
"""Generate bower JSON file, return its path.
version_targets: bazel target names of the versions.json file.
seeds: an iterable of bower package names of the seed packages, ie.
the packages whose versions we control manually.
bower_json = collections.OrderedDict()
bower_json['name'] = 'bower2bazel-output'
bower_json['version'] = '0.0.0'
bower_json['description'] = 'Auto-generated bower.json for dependency management'
bower_json['private'] = True
bower_json['dependencies'] = {}
seeds = set(seeds)
for v in version_targets:
path = os.path.join("bazel-out/*-fastbuild/bin", v.lstrip("/").replace(":", "/"))
fs = glob.glob(path)
assert len(fs) == 1, '%s: file not found or multiple files found: %s' % (path, fs)
with open(fs[0]) as f:
j = json.load(f)
if "" in j:
# drop dummy entries.
del j[""]
trimmed = {}
for k, v in j.items():
if k in seeds:
trimmed[k] = v
tmpdir = tempfile.mkdtemp()
ret = os.path.join(tmpdir, 'bower.json')
with open(ret, 'w') as f:
json.dump(bower_json, f, indent=2)
return ret
def bower_command(args):
base = subprocess.check_output(["bazel", "info", "output_base"]).strip()
exp = os.path.join(base, "external", "bower", "*npm_binary.tgz")
fs = sorted(glob.glob(exp))
assert len(fs) == 1, "bower tarball not found or have multiple versions %s" % fs
return ["python", os.getcwd() + "/tools/js/", sorted(fs)[0]] + args
def main(args):
opts = optparse.OptionParser()
opts.add_option('-w', help='.bzl output for WORKSPACE')
opts.add_option('-b', help='.bzl output for //lib:BUILD')
opts, args = opts.parse_args()
target_str = subprocess.check_output([
"bazel", "query", "kind(bower_component_bundle, //polygerrit-ui/...)"])
seed_str = subprocess.check_output([
"bazel", "query", "attr(seed, 1, kind(bower_component, deps(//polygerrit-ui/...)))"])
targets = [s for s in target_str.split('\n') if s]
seeds = [s for s in seed_str.split('\n') if s]
prefix = "//lib/js:"
non_seeds = [s for s in seeds if not s.startswith(prefix)]
assert not non_seeds, non_seeds
seeds = set([s[len(prefix):] for s in seeds])
version_targets = [t + "-versions.json" for t in targets]
subprocess.check_call(['bazel', 'build'] + version_targets)
bower_json_path = build_bower_json(version_targets, seeds)
dir = os.path.dirname(bower_json_path)
cmd = bower_command(["install"])
build_out = sys.stdout
if opts.b:
build_out = open(opts.b + ".tmp", 'w')
ws_out = sys.stdout
if opts.b:
ws_out = open(opts.w + ".tmp", 'w')
header = """# DO NOT EDIT
# generated with the following command:
# %s
""" % ' '.join(sys.argv)
oldwd = os.getcwd()
interpret_bower_json(seeds, ws_out, build_out)
os.rename(opts.w + ".tmp", opts.w)
os.rename(opts.b + ".tmp", opts.b)
def dump_workspace(data, seeds, out):
out.write('load("//tools/bzl:js.bzl", "bower_archive")\n\n')
out.write('def load_bower_archives():\n')
for d in data:
if d["name"] in seeds:
out.write(""" bower_archive(
name = "%(name)s",
package = "%(normalized-name)s",
version = "%(version)s",
sha1 = "%(bazel-sha1)s")
""" % d)
def dump_build(data, seeds, out):
out.write('load("//tools/bzl:js.bzl", "bower_component")\n\n')
out.write('def define_bower_components():\n')
for d in data:
out.write(" bower_component(\n")
out.write(" name = \"%s\",\n" % d["name"])
out.write(" license = \"//lib:LICENSE-%s\",\n" % d["bazel-license"])
deps = sorted(d.get("dependencies", {}).keys())
if deps:
if len(deps) == 1:
out.write(" deps = [ \":%s\" ],\n" % deps[0])
out.write(" deps = [\n")
for dep in deps:
out.write(" \":%s\",\n" % dep)
out.write(" ],\n")
if d["name"] in seeds:
out.write(" seed = True,\n")
out.write(" )\n")
# done
def interpret_bower_json(seeds, ws_out, build_out):
out = subprocess.check_output(["find", "bower_components/", "-name", ".bower.json"])
data = []
for f in sorted(out.split('\n')):
if not f:
pkg = json.load(open(f))
pkg_name = pkg["name"]
pkg["bazel-sha1"] = bowerutil.hash_bower_component(
hashlib.sha1(), os.path.dirname(f)).hexdigest()
license = package_licenses.get(pkg_name, "DO_NOT_DISTRIBUTE")
pkg["bazel-license"] = license
# TODO(hanwen): bower packages can also have 'fully qualified'
# names, ("PolymerElements/iron-ajax") as well as short names
# ("iron-ajax"). It is possible for bower.json files to refer to
# long names as their dependencies. If any package does this, we
# will have to either 1) strip off the prefix (typically github
# user?), or 2) build a map of short name <=> fully qualified
# name. For now, we just ignore the problem.
pkg["normalized-name"] = pkg["name"]
dump_workspace(data, seeds, ws_out)
dump_build(data, seeds, build_out)
if __name__ == '__main__':