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set -ex
t=$(mktemp -d || mktemp -d -t wct-XXXXXXXXXX)
echo $t
unzip -qd $t $components
unzip -qd $t $code
mkdir -p $t/test
cp $TEST_SRCDIR/gerrit/polygerrit-ui/app/test/index.html $t/test/
# For some reason wct tries to install selenium into its node_modules
# directory on first run. If you've installed into /usr/local and
# aren't running wct as root, you're screwed. Turning this option off
# through skipSeleniumInstall seems to still work, so there's that.
# Sauce tests are disabled by default in order to run local tests
# only. Run it with ( account required; free for open
# source): WCT_ARGS='--plugin sauce' ./polygerrit-ui/app/
cat <<EOF > $t/wct.conf.js
module.exports = {
'suites': ['test'],
'webserver': {
'pathMappings': [
{'/components/bower_components': 'bower_components'}
'plugins': {
'local': {
'skipSeleniumInstall': true
'sauce': {
'disabled': true,
'browsers': [
'OS X 10.11/chrome',
'Windows 10/chrome',
'OS X 10.11/safari',
'Windows 10/microsoftedge'
export PATH="$(dirname $WCT):$(dirname $NPM):$PATH"
cd $t
test -n "${WCT}"
$(basename ${WCT}) ${WCT_ARGS}