gerrit 2.1.7-rc1
Reject invalid Change-Id lines

EGit stores a placeholder "Change-Id: I0000..." line in the commit
message when first setting up a commit. If there is a bug in EGit it
might fail to replace this line, causing the user to upload a commit
to Gerrit with this placeholder Change-Id. Since the id is supposed to
be unique within a project, this upload will work at most once on a
server/project pair before it starts to cause problems for other users
on the same system.  Check for this case and reject it when it occurs.

When creating a new change, validate that the selected Change-Id line
conforms to the I$commit_sha1 format that should be used. In the
several years that we have been using Change-Id lines, nobody has
found a reason to use a different line format unless they have a
broken client that has created an invalid line.

Change-Id: I64a46c0323b5e550e1415c8dfcf36ba2048820e1
Signed-off-by: Shawn O. Pearce <>
1 file changed