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accountSettingsHeading = Account Settings
fullName = Full Name
preferredEmail = Email Address
registeredOn = Registered
accountId = Account ID
showSiteHeader = Show Site Header
useFlashClipboard = Use Flash Clipboard Widget
defaultContextFieldLabel = Default Context:
maximumPageSizeFieldLabel = Maximum Page Size:
contextWholeFile = Whole File
buttonSaveChanges = Save Changes
tabPreferences = Preferences
tabContactInformation = Contact Information
tabSshKeys = SSH Keys
tabWebIdentities = Identities
tabMyGroups = Groups
tabAgreements = Agreements
buttonShowAddSshKey = Add Key ...
buttonCloseAddSshKey = Close
buttonDeleteSshKey = Delete
buttonClearSshKeyInput = Clear
buttonOpenSshKey = Open Key ...
buttonAddSshKey = Add
userName = Username
password = Password
buttonChangeUserName = Change Username
buttonGeneratePassword = Regenerate
invalidUserName = Username must contain only letters, numbers, _, - or .
sshKeyInvalid = Invalid Key
sshKeyAlgorithm = Algorithm
sshKeyKey = Key
sshKeyComment = Comment
sshKeyStatus = Status
sshHostKeyTitle = Server Host Key
sshHostKeyFingerprint = Fingerprint:
sshHostKeyKnownHostEntry = Entry for <code>~/.ssh/known_hosts</code>:
webIdStatus = Status
webIdEmail = Email Address
webIdIdentity = Identity
untrustedProvider = Untrusted
buttonDeleteIdentity = Delete
buttonLinkIdentity = Link Another Identity
addSshKeyPanelHeader = Add SSH Public Key
addSshKeyHelp = (<a href="" target="_blank">GitHub's Guide to SSH Keys</a>)
invalidSshKeyError = Invalid SSH Key
sshJavaAppletNotAvailable = Open Key Unavailable: Java not enabled
watchedProjects = Watched Projects
buttonWatchProject = Watch
defaultProjectName = Project Name
watchedProjectColumnEmailNotifications = Email Notifications
watchedProjectColumnNewChanges = New Changes
watchedProjectColumnAllComments = All Comments
watchedProjectColumnSubmittedChanges = Submitted Changes
contactFieldFullName = Full Name
contactFieldEmail = Preferred Email
contactPrivacyDetailsHtml = \
<b>The following offline contact information is stored encrypted.</b><br />\
<br />\
Contact information will only be made available to administrators if it is \
necessary to reach you through non-email based communication. Received data \
is stored encrypted with a strong public/private key pair algorithm, and \
this site does not have the private key. Once saved, you will be unable to \
retrieve previously stored contact details.
contactFieldAddress = Mailing Address
contactFieldCountry = Country
contactFieldPhone = Phone Number
contactFieldFax = Fax Number
buttonOpenRegisterNewEmail = Register New Email ...
buttonSendRegisterNewEmail = Register
titleRegisterNewEmail = Register Email Address
descRegisterNewEmail = \
<p>A confirmation link will be sent by email to this address.</p>\
<p>You must click on the link to complete the registration and make the address available for selection.</p>
newAgreement = New Contributor Agreement
agreementStatus = Status
agreementName = Name
agreementStatus_EXPIRED = Expired
agreementStatus_NEW = Pending
agreementStatus_REJECTED = Rejected
agreementStatus_VERIFIED = Verified
agreementDescription = Description
agreementAccepted = Accepted
newAgreementSelectTypeHeading = Select an agreement type:
newAgreementNoneAvailable = No contributor agreements are configured.
newAgreementReviewLegalHeading = Review the agreement:
newAgreementReviewContactHeading = Review your contact information:
newAgreementCompleteHeading = Complete the agreement:
newAgreementIAGREE = I AGREE
newAgreementAlreadySubmitted = Agreement already submitted.
buttonSubmitNewAgreement = Submit Agreement
welcomeToGerritCodeReview = Welcome to Gerrit Code Review
welcomeReviewContact = Please review your contact information:
welcomeContactFrom = \
<p>The following contact information was automatically obtained when \
you signed-in to the site. This information is used to display who \
you are to others, and to send updates to code reviews you have either \
started or subscribed to.</p>
welcomeSshKeyHeading = Register an SSH public key:
welcomeSshKeyText = \
<p>Gerrit Code Review uses \
<a href="" target="_blank">public-key cryptography</a> \
and \
<a href="" target="_blank">SSH</a> \
to authenticate \
you during git's push and pull commands to hosted projects. Registering \
your public key allows Gerrit to identify you whenever you connect through \
<p>This step can also be completed at a later time.</p>
welcomeAgreementHeading = Complete a contributor agreement:
welcomeAgreementText = \
<p>If you will be contributing code or documentation changes to projects \
hosted here, please consider taking a minute to review and complete \
a contributor agreement.</p>\
<p>This step can also be completed at a later time.</p>
welcomeAgreementLater = Continue Without Agreement
welcomeContinue = Continue