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commit-msg Hook
commit-msg - Edit commit messages to insert a `Change-Id` tag.
A Git hook automatically invoked by `git commit`, and most other
commit creation tools such as `git citool` or `git gui`. The Gerrit
Code Review supplied implementation of this hook is a short shell
script which automatically inserts a globally unique Change-Id tag
in the footer of a commit message. When present, Gerrit uses this
tag to track commits across cherry-picks and rebases.
After the hook has been installed in the user's local Git repository
for a project, the hook will modify a commit message such as:
Improve foo widget by attaching a bar.
We want a bar, because it improves the foo by providing more
wizbangery to the dowhatimeanery.
Signed-off-by: A. U. Thor <>
by inserting a new `Change-Id: ` line in the footer:
Improve foo widget by attaching a bar.
We want a bar, because it improves the foo by providing more
wizbangery to the dowhatimeanery.
Change-Id: Ic8aaa0728a43936cd4c6e1ed590e01ba8f0fbf5b
Signed-off-by: A. U. Thor <>
The hook implementation is reasonably intelligent at inserting the
Change-Id line before any Signed-off-by or Acked-by lines placed
at the end of the commit message by the author, but if no such
lines are present then it will just insert a blank line, and add
the Change-Id at the bottom of the message.
If a Change-Id line is already present in the message footer, the
script will do nothing, leaving the existing Change-Id unmodified.
This permits amending an existing commit, or allows the user to
insert the Change-Id manually after copying it from an existing
change viewed on the web.
To obtain the 'commit-msg' script use scp, wget or curl to download it
to your local system from your Gerrit server.
You can use either of the below commands:
$ scp -p -P 29418 <your username>@<your Gerrit review server>:hooks/commit-msg <local path to your git>/.git/hooks/
$ curl -o <local path to your git>/.git/hooks/commit-msg <your Gerrit http URL>/tools/hooks/commit-msg
A specific example of this might look something like this:
$ scp -p -P 29418 ~/duhproject/.git/hooks/
$ curl -o ~/duhproject/.git/hooks/commit-msg
Make sure the hook file is executable:
$ chmod u+x ~/duhproject/.git/hooks/commit-msg
* link:user-changeid.html[Change-Id Lines]
* link:[git-commit(1)]
* link:[githooks(5)]
The hook generates unique Change-Id lines by creating a virtual
commit object within the local Git repository, and obtaining the
SHA-1 hash from it. Like any other Git commit, the following
properties are included in the computation:
* SHA-1 of the tree being committed
* SHA-1 of the parent commit
* Name, email address, timestamp of the author
* Name, email address, timestamp of the committer
* Proposed commit message (before Change-Id was inserted)
Because the names of the tree and parent commit, as well as the
committer timestamp are included in the hash computation, the output
Change-Id is sufficiently unique.
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