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Making a Release of a Gerrit Subproject / Core Plugin
Preparing a New Snapshot for Publishing
* You will need to have the following in the `pom.xml` to make it
deployable to the `gerrit-maven` storage bucket:
<name>gerrit Maven Repository</name>
* Add this to the `pom.xml` to enable the wagon provider:
* Add your username and password to your `~/.m2/settings.xml` file.
These need to come from the link:[API Console].
<settings xmlns=""
Making a Snapshot
* Only for plugins: in the `pom.xml` update the Gerrit version under
`properties` > `Gerrit-ApiVersion` to the version of the new Gerrit
* First build and deploy the latest snapshot and ensure that Gerrit
builds/runs with this snapshot
* Deploy the snapshot:
mvn deploy
Making a Release
* First deploy (and test) the latest snapshot for the subproject/plugin
* Update the top level `pom.xml` in the subproject/plugin to reflect
the new project version (the exact value of the tag you will create
* Commit the pom change and push to the project's repo
* Tag the version you just pushed (and push the tag)
git tag -a -m "prolog-cafe 1.3" v1.3
git push gerrit-review refs/tags/v1.3:refs/tags/v1.3
* Deploy the new release:
mvn deploy
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