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gerrit review
gerrit review - Verify, approve and/or submit one or more patch sets
'ssh' -p <port> <host> 'gerrit review'
[--project <PROJECT> | -p <PROJECT>]
[--message <MESSAGE> | -m <MESSAGE>]
[--submit | -s]
[--abandon | --restore]
[--verified <N>] [--code-review <N>]
Updates the current user's approval status of the specified patch
sets and/or submits them for merging, sending out email
notifications and updating the database.
Patch sets should be specified as complete or abbreviated commit
SHA-1s. If the same commit is available in multiple projects the
--project option may be used to limit where Gerrit searches for
the change to only the contents of the specified project.
For current backward compatibility with user tools patch sets may
also be specified in the legacy 'CHANGEID,PATCHSET' format, such as
'8242,2'. Support for this legacy format is planned to be removed
in a future edition of Gerrit Code Review. Use of commit SHA-1s
is strongly encouraged.
Name of the project the intended changes are contained
within. This option must be supplied before the commit
SHA-1 in order to take effect.
Optional cover letter to include as part of the message
sent to reviewers when the approval states are updated.
Option which allows Gerrit to publish the --message, even
when the labels could not be applied due to the change being
Used by some scripts/CI-systems, where the results (or links
to the result) are posted as a message after completion of a
build (often together with a label-change, indicating the success
of the build).
If the message is posted successfully, the command will return
successfully, even if the label could not be changed.
This option will not force the message to be posted if the command
fails because the user is not permitted to change the label.
Display site-specific usage information, including the
complete listing of supported approval categories and values.
Abandon the specified change(s).
(option is mutually exclusive with --submit and --restore)
Restore the specified abandoned change(s).
(option is mutually exclusive with --abandon)
Submit the specified patch set(s) for merging.
(option is mutually exclusive with --abandon)
Publish the specified draft patch set(s).
(option is mutually exclusive with --submit, --restore, --abandon, and --delete)
Delete the specified draft patch set(s).
(option is mutually exclusive with --submit, --restore, --abandon, and --publish)
Set the approval category to the value 'N'. The exact
option names supported and the range of values permitted
differs per site, check the output of --help, or contact
your site administrator for further details.
Any user who has configured an SSH key.
This command is intended to be used in scripts.
Approve the change with commit c0ff33 as "Verified +1"
$ ssh -p 29418 gerrit review --verified +1 c0ff33
Append the message "Build Successful". Notice two levels of quoting is
required, one for the local shell, and another for the argument parser
inside the Gerrit server:
$ ssh -p 29418 gerrit review -m '"Build Successful"' c0ff33
Mark the unmerged commits both "Verified +1" and "Code Review +2" and
submit them for merging:
$ ssh -p 29418 gerrit review \
--verified +1 \
--code-review +2 \
--submit \
--project this/project \
$(git rev-list origin/master..HEAD)
Abandon an active change:
$ ssh -p 29418 gerrit review --abandon c0ff33
* link:access-control.html[Access Controls]
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