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= Gerrit Code Review - User suggested edits
Easy and fast way for reviewers to suggest code changes that can be easily applied
by the change owner.
== Reviewer workflow
** Select line or multiple lines of diff and start comment
image::images/user-suggest-edits-reviewer-comment.png["Comment example", align="center", width=400]
** Click on suggest fix - that copies whole selected line/lines
image::images/user-suggest-edits-reviewer-suggest-fix.png["Comment example", align="center", width=400]
** Modify lines in the suggestion block. Optionally add more details as normal comment text before or after
the suggestion block.
image::images/user-suggest-edits-suggestion.png["Suggestion example", align="center", width=400]
** Optionally you can preview suggested edit by clicking on Preview fix when you stop editing comment
image::images/user-suggest-edits-reviewer-preview.png["Suggestion Draft example", align="center", width=400]
image::images/user-suggest-edits-preview.png["Suggestion Preview", align="center", width=400]
== Author workflow
You can apply one or more suggested edits. When a suggested edit is applied it
creates a change edit that you can further modify in Gerrit. You can read more
about all the features of link:user-inline-edit.html#editing-change[change edit mode].
FYI: Publishing a new patchset in Gerrit will make your Gerrit change out of
sync with your local git commit. You can checkout the latest Gerrit patchset
by using the commands from the link:user-review-ui.html#download[download drop-down panel].
Alternatively, you can use the copy to clipboard button to copy a suggested
edit to your clipboard and then you can paste it into your editor.
== Generate Suggestion
Following UI needs to be activated by a plugin that implements SuggestionsProvider. Gerrit is providing just UI.
** When a user types a comment, Gerrit queries a plugin for a code snippet. When there is a snippet, the user can see a preview of snippet under comment.
image::images/generated-suggested-edit-preview.png["Generate Suggested Edit", align="center", width=400]
** A user needs to click on "ADD SUGGESTION TO COMMENT" button if they want to use this suggestion. Otherwise the suggestion is never used.
image::images/generated-suggested-edit-added.png["Added Generated Suggested Edit", align="center", width=400]
** By clicking on "ADD SUGGESTION TO COMMENT" button, the suggestion is added to end of comment. The user can then edit the suggestion, if needed.
Part of link:index.html[Gerrit Code Review]