Update git submodules

* Update plugins/replication from branch 'master'
  to 499bbea5a16ec443cafb8da95ccdc33f6e381d55
  - Reduce visibility of *CredentialsFactory* classes
    The SecureCredentialsFactory and AutoReloadSecureCredentialsFactoryDecorator
    factories do not need to be public as they are not intended to be
    directly used outside of the replication plugin.
    Change-Id: If8e828815eae135ffba1b437e48dee875ccc030d
diff --git a/plugins/replication b/plugins/replication
index 89fc47e..499bbea 160000
--- a/plugins/replication
+++ b/plugins/replication
@@ -1 +1 @@
-Subproject commit 89fc47e52a7734fde83ea37bea77a980a23a8f71
+Subproject commit 499bbea5a16ec443cafb8da95ccdc33f6e381d55