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# git hyper-blame master ignore list.
# This file contains a list of git hashes of revisions to be ignored by git
# hyper-blame. These revisions are considered "unimportant" in that they are
# unlikely to be what you are interested in when blaming.
# Instructions:
# - Only large (generally automated) reformatting or renaming commits should be
# added to this list. Do not put things here just because you feel they are
# trivial or unimportant. If in doubt, do not put it on this list.
# - Precede each revision with a comment containing the first line of its log.
# For bulk work over many commits, place all commits in a block with a single
# comment at the top describing the work done in those commits.
# - Only put full 40-character hashes on this list (not short hashes or any
# other revision reference).
# - Append to the bottom of the file (revisions should be in chronological order
# from oldest to newest).
# - Because you must use a hash, you need to append to this list in a follow-up
# commit to the actual reformatting commit that you are trying to ignore.
# Format all Java files with google-java-format