Update git submodules

* Update plugins/reviewnotes from branch 'master'
  to 863130de158605c19809956864870ff05d86b494
  - Merge branch 'stable-2.16'
    * stable-2.16:
      Adapt injection of UrlFormatter to DynamicItem
    Change-Id: Iabe82a50f4d4207676b1f0235b0f383374bda932
  - Adapt injection of UrlFormatter to DynamicItem
    Since I375245647 the UrlFormatter is not bound anymore
    directly but through a DynamicItem.
    Bug: Issue 10131
    Change-Id: I3da6397bab34569029db4e3d6fd9b80a7197381b
diff --git a/plugins/reviewnotes b/plugins/reviewnotes
index 041ac8d..863130d 160000
--- a/plugins/reviewnotes
+++ b/plugins/reviewnotes
@@ -1 +1 @@
-Subproject commit 041ac8d9fb0c0e5adff0aa37773a1931aced5a9a
+Subproject commit 863130de158605c19809956864870ff05d86b494