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Release notes for Gerrit 2.2.1
Gerrit 2.2.1 is now available:
Schema Change
*WARNING:* This release contains schema changes. To upgrade:
java -jar gerrit.war init -d site_path
*WARNING:* Upgrading to 2.2.x requires the server be first upgraded
to 2.1.7, and then to 2.2.x.
New Features
* Add 'Expand All Comments' checkbox in PatchScreen
Allows users to save a user preference that automatically expands
any inline comment boxes when a page displays.
* Multiple branches in ls-project
The -b option may be supplied multiple times to ls-project, each
usage adds a new column of output per project line listing the
current value of that branch.
Bug Fixes
* issue 994 Rename "-- All Projects --" to "All-Projects"
The name "-- All Projects --.git" is difficult to work with on
the UNIX command line, due to tools assuming the name is actually
part of a long option. The project has been renamed to remove these
leading hyphens, and remove spaces, making it more friendly to work
with on the command line.
* issue 997 Resolve Project Owners when checking access rights
Members of the 'Project Owners' magical group did not always have
their project owner privileges when Gerrit Code Review was looking
for "access to any ref" at the project level. This was caused by
not expanding the 'Project Owner's group to the actual ownership
list. Fixed.
* issue 999 Do not reset Patch History selection on navigation
Navigating to the next/previous file lost the setting of the
"Old Version" made under the "Patch History" expandable control
on a specific file view. This was accidentally broken when the
"Old Version History" control was added to the change page. Fixed.
* issue 1001 Fix search by codereview status
Searching for labels (or any approval scores) was broken due to an
incorrect usage of the Java "equals()" method. Fixed.
* issue 1000 Fix administration of projects with no access controls
Projects that had no access sections could not have additional
sections added to them, due to a bug in the web UI. Fixed.
* Fix API breakage on ChangeDetailService
Version 2.1.7 broke the Gerrit Code Review plugin for Mylyn Reviews
due to an accidental signature change of one of the remote JSON
APIs. The ChangeDetailService.patchSetDetail() method is back to the
old signature and a new patchSetDetail2() method has been added to
handle the newer calling convention used in some contexts of the
web UI.
* Add error messages for abandon and restore when in bad state
Instead of crashing with internal NullPointerExceptions, report
a better error message to clients when a change is being moved
between states.