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Release notes for Gerrit
Gerrit is now available in the usual location:
New Features
* Add 'checkout' download command to patch sets
The Download area of a patch set now offers a command line to fetch
and checkout the patch set on a detached HEAD. This is more suitable
for building and testing the change locally.
Bug Fixes
* issue 545 Fallback to ISO-8859-1 if charset isn't supported
Some input files are misrecognized by the jchardet library that is
used to automatically guess a character set. A guessed charset
might not even be supported by the local JRE. In such cases the
ISO-8859-1 character set is used as a fallback, so the file content
is still visible.
* issue 553 Bugs sometimes added as change reviewers
Bug references were sometimes added as an 'Anonymous Coward' change
reviewer when the line used to mention the bug in the commit message
was the same length as 'Signed-off-by'. Fixed.
* Update JGit to to fix empty tree bug
Repositories which contained an empty tree object (very uncommon, its
technically a bug to produce a repository like this) wouldn't clone
properly from the embedded Gerrit SSH or HTTP daemon. Fixed upstream
in JGit 0.7.0, but we never picked up the bug fix release.
* Allow LDAP to unset the user name
If the user name is configured to be set only by the LDAP directory,
and an account has a user name, but the name is no longer present
in the directory, Gerrit crashed during sign-in while trying to
clear out the user name. Fixed.
Documentation Corrections
* documentation: Elaborate on branch level Owner
Documentation didn't describe that the Owner permission within a
project can be used to delegate control over a branch namespace to
another group.
* documentation: Document Read Access +2 aka Upload Access
The documentation didn't describe what Read +2 means.