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Release notes for Gerrit
Gerrit is now available in the usual location:
Bug Fixes
* Include smart http:// URLs in gitweb
The managed gitweb configuration file didn't know about our smart
http URLs, so it didn't advertise them for projects to clone by.
* issue 493 documentation: Document the internal gitweb
* issue 496 documentation: Explain etc/gitweb_config.perl
The documentation on configuring gitweb didn't talk about our own
managed support, where we can write the gitweb configuration file
based on our own settings, and run the CGI directly from within
our servlet container. Its an older feature that we have had for
a while now. Fixed.
* issue 494 Look for gitweb in /usr/share/gitweb
* issue 495 Fix gitweb CGI when in subdirectory
The CGI didn't always load its supporting assets like CSS and icon
from the right URLs. Fixed.
* Move generated gitweb_config.perl to hidden tmp directory
The generated gitweb configuration file was written to /tmp,
which might cause it to be deleted every 7 days on some Linux
distributions. Moved to our private application temporary directory,
which is usually under $HOME/.gerritcodereview/tmp.
* Update documentation regarding tag deletion
The documentation incorrectly described tag deletion. Fixed.
* Allow schema upgrades to display messages
On MySQL servers, schema upgrades from older versions failed if the
administrator didn't create the nextval functions for administrative
purposes. Fixed by making this a warning and not a hard-stop.