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Release notes for Gerrit 2.0.23
Gerrit 2.0.23 is now available in the usual location:
Schema Change
There is no schema change in this release.
New Features
* Adding support to list merged and abandoned changes
The project link in a change now lists all changes merged in that
project, or abandoned in that project, based upon the state of the
change the link is displayed in. So open changes link to all open
changes in the same project while merged changes link to all merged
changes in the same project. These links are bookmarkable.
Bug Fixes
* Fix new change email to always have SSH pull URL
* Move git pull URL to bottom of email notifications
The new change emails were missing the SSH pull URL, fixed. Also
the SSH pull URL is now further away from the web URL, to make it
less likely one is clicked by accident in an email client.
* issue 286 Fix Not Signed In errors when multiple tabs are open
Users with multiple tabs open were getting session errors due to
the tabs not agreeing about the session state. Fixed.
* Fix MySQL CREATE USER example in install documentation
Other Changes
* Start 2.0.23 development
* Move Jetty 6.x resources into a jetty6 directory
* Move the Jetty 6.x start script to our extra directory
* Add scripts for Jetty 7.x and make that the default i...
* Merge change I574b992d
* Gerrit 2.0.23